We are large scale growers of cut flowers

The company is focused on high quality flowers with flexible and
versatile production facilities, using sustainable resources

Supported by a highly experienced team

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Facilities and Technology

Water All our greenhouses are environmentally computer controlled with a fully hydroponic system in place for the most efficient production of Tulips. Fertigation is metered through dosing units to ensure accurate fertilizer is applied for all production.

We have our own reservoir; this collects all rainwater from the greenhouse roofs. The investment has made sure the company is self-sufficient for water. All greenhouse irrigation water is treated to remove all pests and diseases thus ensuring the purity of our water.

A Wood pellet biomass heating system is installed to provide a renewable heat source for our hydroponic tulip growing.

A 50,000 kWh solar panel installation provides solar electric power.
Our focus on renewable energy makes sure we are up to date and investing in green energy for the future with less impact on the environment.

Cold storage Modern cold stores units are used to guarantee the freshness and quality of our flowers.

These are also used for rooting of the tulips and lily crops

All our greenhouses are all modern and environmentally computer controlled, this ensures the crops have the optimum growing environment. Thermal screens are installed to reduce our heating fuel usage by 25%. Currently our area is 32000 sqm with scope to expand.

Packhouse and Grading
The company has invested in semi-automatic grading lines for tulips to ensure we can handle the crop in an efficient manner.

The Packhouse has up to date facilities to ensure we can deliver fresh cool chained flowers to the customer.

The company has regularly invested in technology improvements to ensure we can always deliver the best products in prime condition. These investments will ensure the company is there for the future.


Codes of Practice

Our company belongs to many codes of practice which include, British Ornamental and Plant Producers Packhouse, Global Gap, Sedex (ethical trading), Assured Produce, Red Tractor, Leaf and NFU Risk Management Services.


An aerial view of E M Cole Farms site taken in 2019
Another aerial view of E M Cole Farms site (2019)
Our substantial cold store keeps produce in top condition

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