We are large scale growers of cut flowers

The company is focused on high quality flowers with flexible and
versatile production facilities, using sustainable resources

Supported by a highly experienced team

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Pea crop with a man's best friend Peas
Peas are a spring drilled crop which are used in rotation.
Peas are nitrogen fixing which reduces the use of fertilisers and improves the quality and yield of the crops following after harvest.

Oilseed Rape in full flower Oil Seed Rape
Oil Seed Rape is drilled in the autumn and is currently in the farming cropping programme as rotational crop.

A field of pollinator mixed plants on our Farm Pollinator Mix
Pollinator mixes are used on the field margins and any uncropped land.
The farm also is increasing the hedgerows and has a wildflower meadow.

This has helped to create a more beneficial wild life habitat for many species of insects, animals and birds.
It is a key part of the business's approach to integrate farm cropping with wildlife.

2019 October Wheat harvest Wheat
Wheat is drilled either in the autumn or in the spring.
Currently wheat is the main cereal crop on the farm.

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